Easycare Polycotton Bed Linen

Polycotton is a sheeting manufactured with a blend of man-made polyester and natural cotton. Many polycotton sheets available are of a low thread count. You may find ones sold for a few pounds, but they are very rough to sleep on and gaps can appear in the fabric.

Our non-iron polycotton is 150 thread count, which is a good quality polycotton.

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Superior Percale Bed Linen

Percale refers to a closely woven plain weave fabric which is the type of fabric used in the manufacture of most sheets and other bed linens.

The term percale does not refer to a blend of cotton and polyester. Percale can be a 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton, 100% Cotton, or a blend of other fabrics in any ratio. The word percale refers to the way the fabric is woven together and has nothing to do with the materials used. A Percale weave is noticeably tighter when compared to the standard type of weave used for bed-sheets, Percale is one of the best sheeting available.

A thread count of 180 or higher is considered Percale.

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100% Cotton Percale Bed Linen

Our Cotton Percale is not Egyptian Cotton, but a high-quality combed 100% Cotton. To be classified as percale, the thread count must be a minimum of 180 and our 100% Cotton Percale is a 200 thread count.

We use this cloth to make so many of our specialist sizes right here in the UK.

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Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

The term Egyptian Cotton is usually applied to the extra long staple Cotton produced in Egypt and favoured for the luxury and upmarket brands world-wide.

The quality of the Cotton depends on the length of the fibres, known as staples. The longer the staples, the better the cotton.

Combing Cotton is regarded as the best process of getting out the shorter staples and leaving the longer ones. This cotton is then referred to as Combed Cotton. Better quality Egyptian Cottons like 200, 400, 600, 1000 and 1200 thread count generally use this process.

Egyptian Cotton sheets are very popular in the summer months as they tend to stay cool.

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Sateen Bed Linen

Sateen bed linen is usually bed linen made of 100% Cotton with an additional sheen creating a lustrous surface with a soft feel, the perfect material for a quality night’s sleep. The material’s sheen is created by using a product specific weaving method. Sateen fabric has a lot to offer with its softness and silkiness, but often means that the cleaning process needs to be slightly gentler than that of other more durable fabrics.

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Pima Cotton Bed Linen

Pima Cotton is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and often seen only in High class department stores for people who want the best and this high 450 thread count bed linen will not fail to impress, extremely durable, highley absorbent with a super soft feel and the sateen weave to give that lovely sheen.

Pima cotton is made from highly prized fibres that allow for a higher thread count. This ensures a luxuriously soft feel, incredible comfort and reassuring durability. The highest praise we can give Pima Cotton is that everyone at The Linen Cupboard wants it on their own bed and it is very special bed linen.

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Flannelette Bed Linen

Flannelette sheets are a favourite during the winter months for many people, because they epitomise a feeling of snugness and safety.

Most high-quality flannelette sheets are made from 100% Cotton and have an incredibly warm and soft insulating feel.

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Jersey Cotton Bed Linen

100% combed cotton jersey fitted sheets are specifically for memory foam products and electric / adjustable beds. Highly recommended by sleep experts and memory foam manufacturers. Memory foam has taken the market place by storm and is indeed the new way to sleep.

Our 100% cotton jersey fitted sheets are a soft jersey knit which 'moves' with the contours of your body and the mattress. Like memory foam, knitted fabric will retain its shape after being stretched making it more suitable for memory foam products than typical woven bedlinen. Now you can sleep on soft cotton jersey sheets which don't ruck at the corners and stay pristine on your memory foam or adjustable mattress. If all that wasn't enough they are also elasticated all the way around the sheet.

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