Premium Down Alternative

Premium Down Alternative


      Hypoallergenic down alternative fill

      Combining unparalleled environmental credentials with a luxurious feel and finish, our premium down alternative is truly unique. The tiny light fibres are filled individually by hand to keep them evenly distributed, so there'll be no clumping or matting together of fibres, like some other synthetics. The advanced filling is made from modern materials to offer a shape-retaining, comfortable and non-allergenic bedding that replicates the feeling of pure down.

      There are plenty of practical reasons to choose synthetic bedding, and modern technology has moved on so much that you can now have a man made fibre that feels just as good as down. You get the luxury feel of down, without a feather in sight. The filling also has fantastic thermal qualities to keep you well insulated, and wick away any excess moisture in the night.

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