Flannelette Bedding - Flannel, Brushed Cotton, Winceyette

Flannelette Bedding - Flannel, Brushed Cotton, Winceyette

Flannelette bedding is sometimes called Flannel Bedding, Brushed Cotton sheets or Winceyette, but no matter what the name 100% Cotton Flannelette has a lovely, soft, warm feel, ideal in the winter or just for that extra comfort and the quality is determined by the weight in grams of the cloth.

Flannelette bedding can keep you extremely warm in the winter and is so soft-to-touch. Flannelette sheets give you comfort and luxury all in one.

We have two ranges available here

  • Our Luxury Brushed Cotton range is a high quality flannelette 195 grams. This brushed cotton range previously was 160gsm and this new and improved bedding is much thicker and more durable
  • We have our own Exclusive Superior Luxury Flannelette range at 210 grams, which is probably the best luxury flannelette available in the UK which we import direct from Portugal

Whether you are looking for 100% cotton flannelette flat sheets, extra deep brushed cotton fitted sheets, flannel duvet covers, flannelette pillowcases or small double flannelette fitted sheets, you will find exactly what you need here.

Superior Luxury Flannelette

Napguard Flannelette was considered by many the Rolls Royce of flannelette bedding and it was 190 grams per square metre, but our own Exclusive Superior Flannelette from the same factory in Portugal is much heavier 210gsm.

When Napguard went out of business we imported a higher quality product ourselves. The Napguard name has since been taken over, but is only made as a 150gsm now.

Available in White or Cream.

Superior Flannelette Pillowcases

Exclusive Portuguese Superior Luxury Flannelette 210GSM.

Our Superior Flannelette pillowcases are currently available in the UK standard size 20 x 30" (50 x 75cm).

Available in White or Cream.

Brushed Cotton Pillowcases

New and Improved now Luxury Brushed Cotton at 195 grams per square metre (was 160gsm).This material is double brushed and pre-shrunk for a luxurious super-soft finish

Our Brushed Cotton pillowcases are currently available in the UK standard size 20 x 30" (50 x 75cm).

Available in Lots of Colours.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

All our waterproof protectors are hard to tell from the sleeping surface that they are waterproof.

Gone are the days of sleeping on a crisp packet or it becoming hot in bed. The terry towelling protectors have a polyurethane back which is completely waterproof, but soft breathable and rustle free.

The quilted waterproof have a PVC back, but the quilting makes it difficult to tell the PVC is there.