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      Cotton Linen Mix Bedding

      Chambray twill is traditionally made for high end shirts and scarfs. Imagine an ultra soft cotton / linen chambray twill shirt, made into sophisticated rich tone bed linen with a lustrous handle. Chambray is altogether different, lighter in weight, softer in feel, our unique fabric is more elegant and arguably more versatile than any other bedding.

      Lightweight enough with linen for summer, yet enough weight with a soft cotton feel for winter. Hand finished by the world's finest in Portugal. The concept of this chambray twill fabric was produced for the fashion industry, but when we saw it being weaved in Portugal we couldn't resist turning it into our luxury bedding range.

      Weighty & Substantial In Feel - Elegant & Smooth To Touch

      What is Chambray? Our amazing new fabric has been created using a classic chambray base of a white 100% COTTON yarn weft and a natural warp yarn in 100% LINEN making a two-toned chambray fabric. Most chambray's are cotton/ polyester, but we love natural bedding and this mix makes a much much more luxurious airier feel to the fabric with cotton & linen.

      What is Twill? Twill is a fabric that's made with cotton that has a twill weave. It's not a type of fabric, but instead relates to how the fabric is woven with one thread over the other and a step between rows to create a characteristic diagonal pattern.

      Subtly textured, lightly brushed for an extra soft handle

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