Extra Large Duvets

Extra Large Duvets


      There's room for everyone with our extra large Caesar duvets measuring 126 x 93" (320 x 235cm). Caesar 8ft Beds are the latest and the biggest bed (so far) that has become popular in the UK! They measure 8ft wide. This extra large bed is big enough for any large family and pets to enjoy a lazy day without fighting for bed space.

      Live life in the luxury lane with our range of extra large duvets you'll get lost in a good night sleep. Usually only found in hotel suites and penthouses due to the larger beds.

      Caesar Extra Large Duvets For 8ft Beds

      • Duvet Size 320 x 235cm (126 x 93")
      • UK Recognised Caesar Size
      • Ideal for 8ft Wide Caesar Beds