Do I need a top sheet?

Do I need a top sheet?


How did I ever manage without one?

Top sheets, also known as flat sheets, are the rectangular sheets that are placed on top of the fitted sheet but beneath blankets or duvets. Here are 5 good reasons to love your super versatile Top Sheet:

  1. Hygiene and Protection: A top sheet acts as a barrier between your body and the blankets or duvet, helping to keep them cleaner. It's easier to wash a top sheet regularly than it is to clean a heavy blanket or duvet.
  2. Temperature Regulation: Top sheets provide an extra layer that can help regulate your body temperature. In warmer weather, you can use the top sheet alone, and in colder weather you can add additional blankets or a duvet on top.
  3. Bedding Longevity: Using a top sheet can help extend the lifespan of your other bedding. It can prevent body oils, sweat, and dirt from directly contacting your blankets or duvet, which can help reduce the frequency of laundering these heavier items.
  4. Quick Change: It takes 1 minute to whip a top sheet off the bed and replace it with a clean, fresh one. Bed changed. Job done!
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: A neatly made bed with a top sheet can creates a ‘boutique hotel’ look to your bedroom.

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