The Linen Cupboard, Yorkshire. Purveyors of the finest quality Bed Linen for over a decade.

Featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, the Linen Cupboard is an independently owned and run business, located in the heart of Yorkshire. For over 13 years we have earned the reputation as the UK's original (and best) specialist size bed linen company. Newcomers have tried to imitate, in name, but they have never matched the quality of our linen or the level of service we deliver. 

At The Linen Cupboard, we specialise in superior quality flat and fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases for most sizes of UK, European and American beds (including all Ikea sized linen). Our customers from all over the country and abroad expect high quality products at very competitive prices - and we don't disappoint. We know how difficult it is to find specialist size bedding which is why keep 90% of our products in stock, for a quick and efficient delivery service

A lot of Internet based companies do not provide a phone number, but you can call The Linen Cupboard for help, advice or to place an order, Mon to Fri 8am until 6pm.

At least 50% of the products we sell are made in the UK.


+44 (0) 1484 716282

Please note that we are now online-only and do not have any retail stores open to the public.

The Linen Cupboard
49 Commercial Street
West Yorkshire

Snug as a bug…

Few things in life are more satisfying than a good night’s sleep.  Drifting off to the land of nod, recharging one’s batteries and waking refreshed and ready for the day ahead is one of life’s great pleasures.  But it’s not all about the mattress.  Soft, hard, long, short, wide or deep, it’s essential to match the right linen with the very thing you’re sleeping on!  After all, you take great care to ensure your clothes fit, feel comfortable and look fabulous, why not apply the same criteria to bedding?

Let’s start with the obvious… size matters!  A deep mattress calls for deep fitted sheets.  So, out with the tape and measure yours.  Whilst you’re at it, it’s worth remembering that not all ‘King Sized’ mattresses are created equal.  Widths and lengths can vary hugely, so ensure you have THREE numbers at hand before you shop for bed linen – depth, width and length!  These discrepancies apply to all beds sizes, from the smallest single to the largest emperor.  This is because manufacturers around the world have differing ideas when it comes to dimensions, even though they often use the same terminology.  Ikea, for instance, favour the European measurements, American sizes are different again and, of course, there will always be British bed sizes, but all three may use the term ‘King Size’.

The Linen Cupboard, a company synonymous with quality bedding, has for over a decade championed the ultimate sleep experience.  No mean task when you consider the plethora of variables involved.  Light sleepers, deep sleepers, hot sleepers, cold sleepers, Egyptian cotton, percale, flannelette, single beds, small doubles, Queen sized, King sized, Super King sized, Emperor… (breath)... even 'Ikea' sized!  The combination of temperature, fabrics and mattress sizes is virtually infinite and makes the process of buying bed linen a very personal one.

From luxurious, cool Egyptian cotton made from 100% long staple yarn, to soft, cozy flannelette, this Yorkshire based (and original) bed linen specialist stocks an array of sizes and textures to ensure that each and every customer can find the bedding they prefer to guarantee the perfect night’s sleep.