too hot to sleep

Too Hot To Sleep?


      Too Hot To Sleep?

      Perfect Summer Bedding keeping you cool throughout the night. Shockingly, we lose 2 hours sleep each night on average during the hotter summer months. Restless night's can heavily affect results in our mood. Have a cold bath or shower before bed to cool your core body temperature.

      Opting for a lower 4.5 tog duvet over a standard 10.5 or 13.5 tog duvet and selecting bedding that's highly breathable and moisture wicking helps regulate your body temperature, which is essential for a comfortable sleep. Keep your bedroom cool (22°C - 23°C) by blocking direct sunlight in the day and keeping windows open. Apply a cold compress to your chest before bed. 

      • Keep Me Cool Pillows / Duvets 
      • Coolmax Bedding 
      • 100% Cotton Bedding
      • Low Tog Duvets (1- 7.5 tog) 

      Don't Suffer, Cool Off Into A Calm Sleep

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