Soft Flex Recovery Bedding

Soft Flex Recovery Bedding


      Ultimate recovery duvets, toppers & pillows

      Indulge in 5 star comfort with these luxuriously soft and silky boutique duvets, toppers and pillows. All British Made featuring elegant piped, double-stitched edge finish. Supportive whilst remaining soft & flexible.

      Our bedding is hypoallergenic which means they are kind to skin and does not include any contents likely to cause allergies. You can keep enjoying hotel quality night after night. Soft springy fibres bounce back to the original shape instantly.

      • Easily Refluffable
      • Aerelle soft flex microfibre
      • Gloriously Cuddly and Fluffy
      • Ideal for Allergy Sufferers
      • Washes and Recovers Incredibly Well
      • 100% Pure Cotton Casing
      • 233 Thread Count
      • Lovingly Hand Filled In The UK