cotton pillow undercases

Sustainable Cotton Pillow Undercases


      Supremely luxurious pillow undercase liners made from 100% sustainable bci cotton is the ideal way to ensure your pillows look their best for longer. Our 100% cotton pillow undercase liners will fit snugly over your pillows for the ultimate comfort and protection, keeping your pillows hygienically clean with soft, breathable cotton and will give you an added layer of indulgence for maximum comfort and the best night’s sleep. 

      Pillows take quite a bruising; moisture from your head and breath, natural oils and facial creams can all work their way into your pillow. The result? It looks and feels less than lovely and creates the sort of home that mites and bacteria love. Fight back and let our traditional pillow protectors take the brunt. Wash your pillow protectors/liners regularly to help keep your pillows beautifully clean, inside and out.

      Stay Cool and Fresh with Pillow Undercase Liners

      • 100% Pure Cotton
      • Natural Breathability Hypo Allergenic
      • Home Machine Wash at 40°C
      • Protects Against Spillages and Stains
      • Enhances the Life of your Pillows
      • Zipped Edge Undercases
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