Luxury Modal Sleepwear Bedding

Luxury Modal Sleepwear Bedding


      In recent years clothing has focused more and more on lounge wear and super soft high quality comfort sleepwear.

      Cosy, casual and that perfect broken in softness just like your favourite pyjama's or lounge pants. Our sleepwear bedding is soft to touch, sustainable and naturally breathable thanks to incredible wicking abilities. Made from eco friendly softest cotton modal fabric, perfect for hot sleepers, people with allergies or sensitive skin.

      What is Modal?
      Modal is a cellulose fibre from beech trees that was first introduced in sports wear. Breathable and absorbent, this cotton alternative is used to make underwear, pyjamas, bathrobes and now bedding!

      • Knit from Modal elastane
      • Heather Charcoal
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      Protect Your Mattress & Bedding

      Extend the life of your mattress, duvet and pillows with our range of bedding protection.

      Luxury bedding is an investment in a good night's sleep. Mattress, duvet and pillow protectors keep your pillow clean and germ-free. They also add a layer of extra comfort whilst increasing the hypoallergenic properties of your bedding. Quick to launder, they can be washed, dried and returned to your bed in no time.