Merino Wool Bedding


      Our new Merino wool collection is made exclusively with ethical, sustainable Merino wool and elegantly tailored into the most innovative modern soft bedding. In addition to its sustainable and ethical qualities, it is breathable, moisture-wicking and boasts thermal control. It's also super-soft and resilient with natural stretch.

      Quick drying, crease resistant and ultra breathable.

      Made from extra-fine merino, this practical insulator is designed to endure cold temperatures, adapting to cold climates or even the hottest of summer days. We designed this bedding to deliver the full benefits of the merino fibre, shielding you from the elements keeping you snug and warm.

      Fine merino is sort after by textile and fashion designers for its elegance and performance. Known for its supreme softness and durability, this rare fibre is as smooth as silk and as luxurious as cashmere.

      Natures miracle fibre is at the heart of this innovative fabric.

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