Hungarian goose feather and down

Hungarian White Goose Feather & Down


      Hungarian Goose Feather & Down is the ultimate in luxury

      A larger-than-average, high loft Hungarian Goose Feather and Down rewards all who rest on it with that lovely, light-as-air floating goose down feeling. Hungarian Goose Feather allows Natural breathability ensuring you feel refreshed throughout the night. 

      Soft, luxurious and light, our hungarian goose feather down duvets drape cosily around your body, preventing drafts and cold spots. Nomite means our duvets are suitable for people with dust mite allergies.

      Designed To Transform Your Bed Into a Nest of Warmth & Comfort

      • Ethically Sourced & Made Natural Filling
      • Exquisitely Handmade in Britain
      • 85% Hungarian Goose Feather
      • 15% Hungarian Goose Down 
      • Nomite® & Downafresh® Certified
      • 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count Casing
      • Provides Warmth Without the Weight
      • Machine Washable at 40 Degrees

      Oeko-Tex Certified 100 (Entirely free of harmful chemicals & synthetics)

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