extra deep fitted sheets

extra large fitted sheets

The simple answer is the deeper the better! If your fitted sheets have not been fitting correctly and riding up at the sides, the most common reason is they are not deep enough.

Our Extra Deep fitted sheets are 15" (38cm) deep, most retailers class 12" (30cm) as extra deep, but to us that is standard and if you want your sheets really really deep we have Ultra Deep 18" (46cm).

We always recommend buying your fitted sheet at least 2 to 3 inches deeper than the depth of your mattress, so if your mattress is 12 inches (30cm) deep our 15 inch (38cm) sheets will be a perfect fit. 

All our higher quality fitted sheets are extra deep as standard, but don't worry if your mattress is only 9 or 10 inches deep, as long as you have your width and length of the fitted sheet measured correctly any excess depth will just tuck underneath the mattress.

The best way to get it right is to always buy your fitted sheets deeper than your mattress depth, but the width and length needs to be correct, so resist the temptation to buy a size bigger - for example don't buy a Super King 6ft wide for a King Size 5ft wide!

Measure your mattress and always go for quality

Whatever size your mattress, we have the bed linen to fit. Here at The Linen Cupboard, we stock extra deep fitted sheets made with luxury in mind. So not only will you find bedding that is compatible with the shape and size of your mattress, but we are sure that you will be extremely pleased with the quality, style and comfort of our extra deep fitted sheets.

Mattress toppers can enhance your life by improving the quality of your sleep every single night. Many have said that mattress toppers add a touch of luxury to the bedroom and have become extremely popular with people everywhere. However, finding bedsheets to fit an enhanced mattress is not so easy. We stock a wide range of sheets that fit various mattress sizes, so start browsing today.

A Cupboard Full of Extravagant Fabrics

Thanks to deeper mattresses and the increasing popularity of mattress toppers, we are now very pleased to offer a collection of deeper bedsheets.

Here you will find extra deep fitted sheets for you mattress in your fabric of choice. Whatever it is that you want, Percale, Polycotton or luxurious Egyptian cotton, you will find what you're looking for at The Linen Cupboard. Our prices are extremely competitive too, so you can have the finest quality and enjoy value for money at the same time!

Shopping at The Linen Cupboard is Easy

We like to make your shopping experience as simple and pleasant as possible. Whether you would like to visit one of our outlets or you want to pay securely on our website, we maintain a superb service at all times. We’ve created this simple-to-use website with a huge collection of bed linen, duvets, pillows and sheets to suit all bed sizes - even the rarest shapes and sizes from America and Europe. No matter what width, length and depth your bed, we have the linen to suit. For extra deep fitted sheets and other hard to find linen products, shop here…