Luxury Towels

Luxury Towels

Luxury Turkish Cotton Towels

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Beautiful, luxury heavyweight Turkish Cotton Towels made from the finest Aegean long staple fibres, spun and carefully twisted to produce a two fold yarn creating a towel that has exceptional durability, softness and absorbency.

Not only are our towels made of 100% of the finest Turkish Cotton (some companies refer to them as Egyptian Cotton Towels), they are very generous in size. The hand towel is oversized, the bath towel looks like a bath sheet and the bath sheet is huge! The heavy weight of a 750 grams per square metre and the large size just confirms the status of this substantial towel.

Our Luxury Turkish Cotton Towels are produced using the best German dyestuff, excellent for enhancing the colour sharpness and keeping the luxurious quality for longer. Normally only available in the very best Boutique Spas and Luxury Hotels, we invite you to experience the ultimate in towelling luxury in your own home, at affordable prices.

  • Material: 100% Combed Turkish Cotton
  • Weight: 750gsm
  • Care: Machine Washable at 40 and Tumble Dry