Bespoke High Performance Protectors | Coolmax Sports Fabric

Bespoke High Performance Protectors | Coolmax Sports Fabric

Bespoke High Performance | Coolmax Sports Fabric

These great dual purpose mattress protectors will not only keep your mattress protected, and help it to last longer, but can also help to keep you cooler at night. Here at the Linen Cupboard we are proud to be able to bring to you the new Bespoke High Performance Mattress Protectors which are manufactured from 100% Pure Coolmax fibres for optimum effect - these protectors offer enhanced protection through the night, allowing breath ability to prevent you from stirring.

High technological fibres form a unique moisture management system. The multi channel cross section fibres allow moisture to move rapidly, leaving you cool and dry for a non interrupted sleep. Sports fabric offers you the perfect combination of comfort and support for a better night’s sleep. But the way this is really different to other protectors is the specialist Coolmax Athletic layer.

This Smart Sporting Technology breathes almost 50% better than Cotton Protectors as Cotton retain moisture unlike this Coolmax Material. Its also a perfect choice for allergy sufferers and children. Beautiful peach skin finish offers soft luxurious comfort and the Protectors are easy to care for and washable to 60 degrees. Whatever the weather, the high performance system can help to keep you fresh. It can also help to take the heat out of memory foam mattresses.

  • 100% Coolmax Fabric - Tightly Quilted
  • Fully Elasticated 35cm Extra Deep Skirt
  • Peach Skin Fabric Lovely & Smooth
  • 220 Thread Count - Non- Allergenic
  • Moisture Evaporates Quickly
  • Revoltionary Fibres - Used in Sportswear
  • Regulates Body Temperature
  • Protects Against Spillages and Stains
  • Adds Luxury Sleeping Surface
  • Enhances the Life of your Mattress
  • Easy Care Machine Wash 60 & Low Tumble Dry

Coolmax Sports Fabric

Bespoke High Performance bedding actively helps you 'Keep Cool in Bed'. The unique wicking fabric provides relief for overheating at night whilst offering soft comfort of the very highest standard. This exceptional complete bedding range is proudly hand made in the UK.

The same fabric is used to make your favourite gym clothing and helps you sleep cooler.

The super soft cotton blend fabric is also non- allergenic, which helps counter effects of night sweats. This material is found in many sports wear due to the durability and dry fit performance.