Gorgeous 85% European Goose Down Large Emperor 3ft 6" Pillows

Superb Goose Down Large Emperor 3ft 6" wide pillows measure 50 x 107cm (20 x 42"). Made from 85% European Goose down and 15% European Goose feather. Down is super soft, and lighter than feather, so it makes for the perfect plump pillow. We’ve used a 300 thread count cotton cover for the pillow, with a cotton piped edge.

Our Large Emperor Pillows are hand filled and are Nomite certified, so you can sleep easy knowing that the pillow is almost impenetrable by dust mites. We only use natural fillings that have been Downafresh certified too, which is a European standard for hygiene and welfare. We carry the highest certification for this, which in short means our pillows are the best you can be.


These super-soft pillows are filled with a special blend of 85% down clusters and 10% fine feathers. We’ve sourced the fluffiest down possible, which gives this pillow its extreme softness, but the whisper of plump feather adds a touch of support. Super soft, it’s ideal for front sleepers but can also be layered above a firmer-feeling pillow to provide side and back sleepers with an especially luxurious sleep experience.

Strictly Ethically Sourced and Ethically Made

  • 85% European Fine Goose Down
  • 15% Fine European Goose Feather
  • 100% Cotton Down Proof Nomite Cover
  • 300 Thread Count
  • 650 Fill Power
  • Light Weight Pillows
  • Luxury Natural Pillows
  • Double Stitched - Piped Edge
  • PAIR (Two Large Emperor Pillows)
  • Large Emperor Size 3ft 6" Pillows
  • 20 x 42" (50 x 107cm)
  • Handmade in the UK
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Nomite & Downfresh Certified
  • Machine Washable 30

Oeko-Tex® ensures this casings, fabrics and filling, meet the human-ecological requirements and is class 1 certified.

The labels on these large emperor pillows states Firm, but we feel they are more of a Medium to Firm support. They are referred to as Firm because they have the maximum, fuller, generous fillling.

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Standard size pillows and even super king pillows can look a little bit lost on a 215cm (7ft) wide Large Emperor bed, but the width of our Large Emperor pillows measure 107cm (3ft 6") and two of these Large Emperor pillows side by side will fill the width of an Large Emperor 7ft bed. This is a very specialist pillow and customers also use three standard size pillows side by side across the 7ft Large Emperor bed, but Large Emperor Pillows at the bottom with standard on top also looks good.


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Large Emperor

Colour Price
Large Emperor 3ft 6" PILLOW PAIR 20 x 42" (51 x 107cm)
White £340.00