Our Superb Large Emperor 3ft 6" wide pillow measures 50 x 107cm (20 x 42") and is filled with clusters of duck feather & down and covered in 100% cotton offering medium support for your head and neck.

Standard size pillows can look a little bit lost on a 215cm (7ft) wide Emperor bed, but the width of our Large Emperor pillow is 107cm (3ft 6") and two of these Large Emperor pillows side by side will fill the width of an Large Emperor 7ft bed. This is a very specialist pillow and alot of customers just use three standard size pillows side by side across the 7ft Large Emperor bed. This pillow can also be used on the Super Single 3ft 6" (107cm) wide beds as a bolster pillow.

Rest your head upon our duck feather and down Large Emperor pillow and the quality feathers provide a superior level of support, whilst the fluffy clusters of down adds softness and allows the pillow to be re-plumped more easily.

  • Finest Filling
  • 85% Duck Feather / 15% Duck Down
  • 100% Cotton Down-Proof Casing
  • Medium Support
  • Natural Pillow
  • Large Emperor Size 3ft 6" Pillow
  • 20 x 42" (50 x 107cm)
  • Made in the UK


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Large Emperor

Colour Price
Large Emperor 3ft 6" PILLOW 20 x 42" (51 x 107cm)
White £48.00