Duvets / Duvet Covers... Go for a perfect fit.

There is nothing worse than a duvet too big for the duvet cover that doesn't fit properly or a duvet cover that is oversized on the duvet. As with all bedding the best way is to give your duvet / duvet cover a quick measure to establish what you have and what you need.

Below is a run down of duvets and sizes, it is best to buy your duvet / duvet cover the same size as even though they are described as the exact same measurement the covers are made to fit the duvets.

The most common problem customers seem to have is using the duvet the wrong way on the larger sizes, the King, Super King and Emperor / Large Emperor where the width is wider than the length.

Standard UK Single Duvet / Single Duvet Cover Size - 54" x 78" (137cm x 198cm)

A UK Single duvet has never been the most generous size of duvet for the 3ft wide bed, but still very popular and used alot now on the smaller 2ft 6" wide beds.

Sometimes manufacturers may describe a Single duvet / duvet cover measurements as 135 x 198cm or 137 x 200cm but it is still a Single duvet.

Small Double Duvet / Small Double Duvet Cover Size - 67" x 86" (170cm x 220cm)

We have really created this size through demand and based it on an oversized Single duvet as they use in Europe.

A Small Double duvet is 8" (20cm) longer than a standard Single or Double duvet, so great also for the longer 6ft 6" (200cm) beds. It is also 12" (30cm) wider than a Single duvet, but 12" (30cm) smaller in width than a Double duvet. So basically when a Single duvet is too small and a Double duvet is too big, the Small Double duvet is the answer.
Small Double duvets are great for all bed sizes up to 4ft wide, please bare in mind that they are a very specialist custom size and generally only available through The Linen Cupboard unless you go to a made to measure service. It is not a size you will find on the high street or generally on other websites.

Other Specialist Size Duvets

There are many specialist size duvets out there, but we are not a massive fan of them. There are so many LONG duvets for sale on the internet that are a standard width but only 8" (20cm) longer. For the sake of an extra 8" in our eyes its not worth the extra expense and limited options. That is why we have our Small Double Duvet that is one size as a standard stock line and it is ideal for all the longer beds and 3ft 3", 3ft 6" and 4ft beds. 

Standard UK Double Duvet / Double Duvet Cover Size - 78" x 78" (200cm x 200cm)

The original square duvet size and still as popular as ever for the 4ft 6" wide Double bed. This size can also be used on a Small Double 4ft wide bed if you don't mind it a little oversized.
Sometimes manufacturers may describe a Double duvet / duvet cover measurement as 198 x 198cm or 79" x 79" but it is still a Double duvet. 

Standard UK King Size Duvet / Duvet Cover Size - 90" x 86" (229cm x 218cm)

A King size duvet is slightly wider than its length and often confused with a Double duvet as it looks square. The King is most commonly used on a 5ft King bed. 

Standard UK Super King Size Duvet / Duvet Cover Size - 102" x 86" (260cm x 220cm)

Super King use to be a very specialist option, but is now a standard size and customers like to use this more generous size on King Size (5ft), Ikea King (5ft 3") and Small Super King (5ft 6") beds.

Emperor / Large Emperor Size Duvet / Duvet Cover - 114" x 93" (290cm x 235cm)

This is now the recognized Emperor size and ideal for all Emperor bed sizes, Emperor Bed 6ft 6" x 6ft 6", Long Emperor Bed 6ft 6" x 7ft and Large Emperor 7ft x 7ft.
Whether it is called Emperor or Large Emperor the duvet / duvet cover is the same size for the different size beds.

8FT Bed Caesar Size Duvet / Duvet Cover - 126" x 93" (320cm x 235cm)

This is not a size that we stock as the Emperor Duvets are more than big enough for an 8ft Bed, but they have started coming into the UK and are the same length as an Emperor, but a little wider.