Now it’s time to discover the bed linen of your dreams. With a host of different fabrics, finishes, styles and prices, there really is something for everyone. We know everyone sleeps different and have different sleep needs. Our selection of informative guides can help you make the perfect bedding decision. Whatever your query, we're here to advise – from information on placing an order and delivery times to size charts, buying guides and about us. If you feel like our guides just aren't giving you the clarity you need please give our Sleep Experts a call. Give Selena or Shelley a call on 01484 716282 8am - 5pm, Mon - Fri.

We always try to display our products beautifully online, but sometimes a little bit of extra information can help you make up your mind. Our Linen Cupboard guides are there to help you answer any questions and help with your purchasing decisions. Here at the Linen Cupboard we have a large selection of buying help guides to help you learn more about our products, a more in depth look into sizing, fabrics and sleeping solutions.

We have additional guides at the bottom of the website if you scroll down you will see a column full of useful guides that can help you make your bedding purchase. You can either send us an email or give us a call if you need help and we will be happy to assist you or send you through a link to the appropriate guide.


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