British Made Bedding

We're On A Mission

At least 50% of the products we sell are made in the UK. We have made it our mission to seek out the very best of British bedding manufacturers. In fact, our own backyard (Yorkshire, Manchester and the Midlands) offers some of the finest bed linen in the world. There must be something in the water.

Customers are interested in quality and ethical practices. British made bedding is not only superior in its manufacture, it has also travelled the fewest miles (keeping distribution costs to a minimum). It's important to know where and how the products you are getting are made. Sustainability and Ethical responsibility are at the forefront of our minds here at the Linen Cupboard. In recent years we have committed our time into creating products that not only feel good but also are good to our planet.

Provenance Matters

In the past, supply chains were opaque - no-one asked about provenance. These days customers expect companies to share information about products. And, increasingly, those same customers are actively seeking out British made goods. It makes good sense to reduce transportation and fuel consumption. By supporting British manufacturing, we lessen the impact freight has on our environment, boost local economy and sustain traditions.

We sell thousands of specialist pillows, duvets, mattress protectors, fitted sheets, flat sheets, valances, duvet covers and pillowcases - all made right here in British hemming units (which is quite rare these days) and something we are extremely proud of.

Do we source from elsewhere?
Indeed we do! Whatever the size, fabric or colour, we know more about bedding than anyone. Which is why you can always be certain that The Linen Cupboard will bring you the finest bedding - even if, sometimes, it’s not from our magnificent county.