At The Linen Cupboard we try and do as much as we can to cut down our impact on the environment.


Almost all our boxes and cartons that bring stock into our warehouse are re-used to send goods out of our warehouse. A great way to recycle, cutting out the need for us to buy new packaging, also as a result we produce very little waste.

Our mailing bags are made from 90% recycled films and contain a biodegradable additive, this means that they are 100% Degradable.

Even with our high quality bed linen we try and keep packaging and card inserts down to a minimum and just let the quality of the bedding speak for itself.

A least 50% of our products are made in the UK and made locally to us in the UK, therefore cutting down on fuel and transportation.


We have been working with Shelter for many years providing bedding for people who can not afford it and we also have a great love for animal welfare in particular supporting dog rescue.