Duvet Covers

A duvet cover or quilt cover is designed to completely cover the duvet. Basically the duvet is like a letter and the duvet cover an envelope. Duvet covers generally have buttons or press studs at the bottom to keep the duvet secure inside.

There's nothing quite like a freshly washed duvet cover

The advantage of a duvet cover is that they can be taken off and washed keeping the duvet clean and fresh. Two different sets of duvet covers can give you two completely different looks and whilst one is in the wash you still have one on the bed. We generally sell duvet covers as a set with pillowcases. A single bed set contains a duvet cover and one pillowcase, all other sizes contain a duvet cover and two pillowcases. Some of our duvet covers do not contain pillowcases, but they will be shown available to buy separately.

A knack to dressing your duvet...

It can sometimes be tricky getting your duvet cover on the duvet, especially with Super King size duvets. The easiest way is to spread the duvet flat on the bed, with the cover turned inside out and the bottom seam facing the bottom of the duvet. The person making the bed then puts their arms inside the cover, grasps the bottom corners of the cover and the bottom corners of the duvet and raises the duvet off the bed, allowing the cover to fall around the duvet. The person can then shake the cover in place over the duvet and secure it at the bottom.

It is always best to measure you existing duvet when buying a new duvet cover to make sure the size is correct.