We are working with DPD to create a greener delivery service for our customers. Its all part of Our 2022 MissionWe have made a major change to the bags themselves, which are now made from 80% reclaimed material and are 100% recyclable. Soon you won't be able yo hear your Linen Cupboard as DPD are becoming the largest all-electric delivery fleet in the UK, in double quick time. DPD now have over 1500 electric vehicles operating throughout England, Scotland and Wales, and will continue their ambitious growth and investment in these vehicles to deliver all electric on the streets of our cities.

We hate waste, over the past 5 years we have been redesigning our products making sure everything can be recycled. We have released that less is more and and fancy inserts and plastic patterned bags are something of the past. We try to make sure that all of our products are in fresh cleaned clear packaging meaning its less harmful on the environment as we don't have manufacture extra fancy looking packaging for retail sale. DPD also hate waste, DPD make sure what little they have is disposed of responsibly, which is why 100% of of their waste avoids landfill. DPD recycled 410 tonnes of shrink wrap from its operation abck in 2021, through a great initiative. All shrink wrap used in our operation is now bailed at the central hub and then reprocessed into raw plastic material. This is then sold and the money generated goes into the DPD Eco fund to support green initiatives throughout the UK. 

DPD have opened a brand new Hub 5, the second hub to be located in Hinckley, Leicestershire, they have installed a state of the art Solar PV system comprising over 6000 panels providing an output of 2.4 MW. The power generated by the system will enable the hub offices to operate off grid during daytime working hours with the excess power being exported back to the national grid to supply green energy. The Eco Fund is funded by DPD's circular economy initiative to protect the environment. The plastic shrink wrap used in the operation is broken down, and then recycled to create new plastic shrink wrap. DPD also re-use and recycle the wooden pallets used in our depots and the money generated from both these initiatives goes straight into our Eco Fund.

Creating electric micro-depots in cities across the country- DPD wanted to make emission-free deliveries in cities. By creating all-electric micro-depots close to customers in urban areas, delivery is faster, quieter and more sustainable. The first all-electric micro-depot in the country was opened by DPD UK in Westminster in 2018 and the second in Shoreditch in 2019. The company is building on this with a network across central London.


Offering funding to schools, start-ups and educational establishments through the DPD Eco Fund- Cash is raised via various company initiatives, and this goes into an Eco Fund to help schools, start-ups and more. Anyone can apply for funding, and the company is particularly interested in supporting schools, colleges and educational facilities across the country. This year, the Eco Fund has £140,000 to give to applicants.

 Some Of DPD Green Mission Ideas;

  • Avoiding landfill and reducing waste- No DPD waste goes to landfill. That’s 100% of DPD UK waste being disposed of sustainably and responsibly.
  • Generating electricity through solar power- Energy management is key, and the company only buys electricity from renewable sources. Two hubs run solely on solar power during the day. The network now uses LED lighting, which has reduced usage by 61%.

DPD understands that green issues are important both to retail and delivery customers. The Linen Cupboard is invested in reducing emissions and our carbon footprint, and this teamwork with DPD leads to fascinating initiatives that are driving the right behaviours across the board.