The superstar of our mattress topper collection, the top of the toppers... what we've all been searching for and is really something special.

Made in the UK by suppliers to the world's top hotels, our ultimate luxury down toppers give you a 5 Star hotel experience every night! Only the very finest hotels would use mattress toppers this luxurious.

This luxury topper combination of a top layer of down and a base layer of feather and down, delivers softness and support to make it the top of our toppers! Piped and self piped for strength and durability, the layer of sumptuous European duck down encased in 100% cotton will melt away thoughts of the day.

The 1" upper chamber of 100% Pure Pyrenean Duck Down gives you a super soft, ultra light luxury feeling of sleeping on a cloud. The lower chamber is made on 85% Duck Feather and 15% Down which helps absorb the bodies pressure giving relief for many back problems and adding extra comfort for a tired mattress and this has an impressive 2" loft to ensure just the right amount of support where needed. A topper made of all down would be too soft and therefore the lower chamber is duck feather and down to create the posture support. This quality is normally reserved only for the finest down duvets.

The Framed Baffle wall is 7cm keeping the filling in the correct place, again aiding in a good night’s sleep.


The topper is simply placed on top of your mattress with elastic strap corners. A mattress protector and a fitted sheet can be placed over the top. It will revive and old mattress back to life or just provide a Ultimate luxury sleeping surface. With a topper of this value we recommend using a mattress protector on top to protect the topper.

Strictly Ethically Sourced and Ethically Made

  • Upper Chamber 2cm
  • 70% European Duck Down
  • Lower Chamber 5cm
  • 85% European Duck Feather / 15% Duck Down
  • Nomite & Downafresh Guarantee
  • High Fill 7cm (3") Depth
  • Cassette Construction with Outer Box Wall
  • 100% Cotton FR Case 233 Thread Count
  • 100% Cotton Piped Edge Finish
  • Elasticated Corner Straps Fit Securely
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Case & Filling
  • Proudly Made in the UK


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Available options for Ultimate Divine Duck Down Dual Combo Toppers

Small Single bunk

Colour Price
Small Single bunk mattress topper 2ft 6" x 6ft 3" (76 x 191cm)
White £160.00

Long Small Single

Colour Price
Long Small Single mattress topper 2ft 6" x 6ft 6" (76 x 200cm)
White £180.00


Colour Price
Single mattress topper 3ft x 6ft 3" (91 x 191cm)
White £200.00

Long Single 90x200

Colour Price
Long Single 90x200 mattress topper 3ft x 6ft 6" (91 x 200cm)
White £220.00

Metric Single 100x200

Colour Price
Metric Single 100x200 mattress topper 3ft 3" x 6ft 6" (100 x 200cm)
White £240.00

Super Single

Colour Price
Super Single mattress topper 3ft 6" x 6ft 3" (107 x 191cm)
White £260.00

Long Super Single

Colour Price
Long Super Single mattress topper 3ft 6" x 6ft 6" (107 x 200cm)
White £280.00

Small Double

Colour Price
Small Double 4ft mattress topper 4ft x 6ft 3" (122 x 191cm)
White £320.00


Colour Price
Double mattress topper 4ft 6" x 6ft 3" (137 x 191cm)
White £340.00

Long Euro Double 140x200

Colour Price
Long Euro Double 140x200 mattress topper 4ft 7" x 6ft 6" (140 x 200cm)
White £360.00


Colour Price
King mattress topper 5ft x 6ft 6" (153 x 200cm)
White £380.00

Euro King 160x200

Colour Price
Euro King 160x200 mattress topper 5ft 3" x 6ft 6" (160 x 200cm)
White £400.00

Small Super King 170x200

Colour Price
Small Super King 170x200 mattress topper 5ft 6" x 6ft 6" (168 x 200cm)
White £420.00

Super King

Colour Price
Super King mattress topper 6ft x 6ft 6" (183 x 200cm)
White £440.00


Colour Price
Emperor mattress topper 6ft 6" x 6ft 6" (200 x 200cm)
White £460.00

Large Emperor

Colour Price
Large Emperor mattress topper 7ft x 7ft (215 x 215cm)
White £480.00