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Natural Duvets


      Luxury Natural Duvets

      Filled with the finest feathers and down, which are ethically sourced and cleaned. Our Down feels supremely light and lofty, the higher the down percentage the light the duvet will feel. Each natural duvet is encased in high- quality down proof cotton, which prevents the filling from escaping.

      All our natural duvets are strictly ethically sourced and made.

      • Natural Fillings tend to have excellent thermal and insulation properties, in addition to being naturally breathable. Each natural-filled duvet has its own Fill Power Rating, which is a measure of the quality. The higher the fill power, the better the duvet
      • Feather & Down Duvets generally have a heavier weight than down, as feathers contain small quills. If you want a heavier duvet for a more ‘tucked-in’ feeling, a feather & down filling would be the best option
      • Down Duvets are the lightest of all natural fillings which has a unique ability to trap air making it exceptionally light. It is also luxurious, soft & fluffy as it doesn’t contain quills. Down duvets keep the heat in without the weight, warmth without the weight!
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