Luxury Natural Duvets

Luxury Natural Duvets

Choose a natural filling and you'll instantly experience the benefits of using only the finest goose feather & down, silk and goose down duvets that are not only exceptionally light, soft and breathable but also long lasting.

All our natural duvets are made from ethically sourced material.

  • Natural Fillings tend to have excellent thermal and insulation properties, in addition to being naturally breathable. Each natural-filled duvet has its own Fill Power Rating, which is a measure of the quality of feather and down. The higher the fill power, the better the duvet
  • Down Fillings are the lightest of all natural fillings is down which comes from the breast of a bird and has a unique ability to trap air making it exceptionally light. It is also luxurious, soft and fluffy as it doesn’t contain feather quills. Down duvets keep the heat in without the weight
  • Feather Fillings products generally have a heavier weight than down, as feathers contain small quills. If you want a heavier duvet for that ‘tucked-in’ feeling, a feather filling would be the best option

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Small Double Duvets

Here we have available our Small Double duvets 67 x 86" (170 x 220cm), but they could go by so many names, as they are ideal for so many different size beds.

Small Double duvets are 20cm longer than standard Single & Double duvets, so great also for the longer 6ft 6" (200cm) beds and 12" (30cm) wider than single duvets, but 12" (30cm) smaller in width than double duvets.

When a standard Single duvet is too small and a Standard Double duvet is too big, the Small Double duvet is the answer.