Large Emperor Sized Mattress Protectors - 215 x 215cm (7ft x 7ft)

Large Emperor Sized Mattress Protectors - 215 x 215cm (7ft x 7ft)

Shop our selection of luxury Large Emperor sized mattress protectors designed to protect you from bed bugs, dust mites and spillages.

  • Essential Large Emperor Mattress Protectors
  • Large Emperor 215 x 215cm
  • Luxury Large Emperor Mattress Protectors
  • Emperor 7ft " x 7ft (84" x 84")
  • Waterproof Large Emperor Mattress Protectors

Our range of large emperor mattress protectors will help you leave your large emperor mattress clean and fresh, prolonging it's life. Our large emperor mattress protectors are available in a range of fabrics, from essential quilted, luxury all cotton to luxury waterproof.

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Essential Mattress Protectors

All of our mattress protectors will help protect and prolong the life of your mattress.

Mattress protectors are a great way of softening a mattress surface, making them more comfortable to sleep on.

Mattress protectors are a great practical way to protect your mattress and keep them feeling fresh and clean.

Luxury Mattress Protection

A luxury mattress protector is an essential addition to any bed - not only does it protect your mattress against general wear and tear, it can help you achieve a luxurious perfect night's sleep.

Our luxurious mattress covers are perfect for adding a protective and comfy top layer to your bed. They are even resistant enough to protect your mattress from splashes and spills.

Our innovative luxury protectors keep you, your bedding & mattress fresher for longer, as well as offering improved hygiene. Our range includes cotton, anti-allergy and more specialist bespoke options than any other supplier.

Coolmax Sports Fabric

Bespoke High Performance bedding actively helps you 'Keep Cool in Bed'. The unique wicking fabric provides relief for overheating at night whilst offering soft comfort of the very highest standard. This exceptional complete bedding range is proudly hand made in the UK.

The same fabric is used to make your favourite gym clothing and helps you sleep cooler.

The super soft cotton blend fabric is also non- allergenic, which helps counter effects of night sweats. This material is found in many sports wear due to the durability and dry fit performance.

Fully Enclosed Mattress Covers

When you need to be 100% certain, choose these fully enclosed mattress protectors. They defend your mattress against dust mites, bed bugs and allergens and keeps your mattress dry and stain-free.

The waterproof option is made of silent waterproof polyurethane (non noisy - no rustling sound) with a soft jersey outer casing, breathable and doesn't make you sweat.

Large Emperor Pillow Protectors - 50 x 107cm (20 x 42")

Our lovely quilted Large Emperor pillow protectors, protect and add an layer of quilted softness to your Large Emperor Pillows 50 x 107cm (20 x 42") for increase comfort and protection. 

The soft hollowfibre polyester filling is quilted to add an extra layer of cushioning, with a polycotton needle diamond pattern stitched casing for durable protection.