Flannelette Duvet Covers - Flannel, Brushed Cotton

Flannelette Duvet Covers - Flannel, Brushed Cotton

Flannelette duvet covers are ideal for warm winter nights or just for extra comfort. The fabric is designed to get you cosy so that you sleep without any discomfort and has a lovely, soft, warm feel . You can discover luxury flannelette duvet covers at The Linen Cupboard with the softest texture. If you are looking for a blissful sleep at night, these can be a smart choice.

Soft, natural cotton is gently brushed to coax out every last hint of comfort, leaving a finish that's indulgent and warming.

  • Lovely, Soft, Warm Feel
  • Ideal in the Winter or just for that Extra Comfort
  • Luxury Flannel
  • Premium Flannelette
  • Super Soft Brushed Cotton

All our flannelette is brushed both sides, which is also a sign of a high quality flannelette.

Luxury 100% Brushed Cotton - Pure 175GSM

This is our New and Improved now Luxury Brushed Cotton at 175 grams per square metre (was 160gsm).

Perfect for adding warmth to your own bed or making guests feel pampered in the spare room, our indulgent brushed cotton sheets will make a wonderful addition to your bedding collection.

Available in Lots of Colours - White, Cream, Apple, Blue, Pink, Lemon, Grey & Lilac