Essential Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29"

Essential Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29

Essential Synthetic Standard Size Pillows

Essential Synthetic Pillows are suitable for those who suffer with allergies, as the fillings used are naturally non-allergenic and we like to sell high quality at low prices.

Quality synthetic fillings have an enhanced internal hollowfibre structure, ensuring greater insulation and softness. All our Synthetic Pillows can be easily re-plumped to maintain their shape, and gently mould to the shape of your head whilst having the added advantage of being washable at home.

Essential Natural Standard Size Pillows

Feather fillings offer more firmness and support, whilst Down Fillings have no quills making them extremely light and soft, offering medium-soft support. In addition to choosing between feather and down, you can further choose between Duck – which is slightly heavier weight – and Goose which is ultra light.

Natural Pillows are known for their excellent thermal and breathable qualities, and are a beautiful, comforting addition to your bedroom.