Discontinued Slight Seconds Brushed Cotton Bed Linen

Discontinued Slight Seconds Brushed Cotton Bed Linen

Brushed Cotton Flannelette Bed Linen

This is our discontinued range of Flannelette and a very nice brushed cotton. We have limited stock and is sold as slight seconds.

Brushed Cotton is just another name for Flannelette, after the cotton has been picked it is brushed to remove any excess lint and fibre, hence the name. They are made using a good quality cotton, double brushed and pre-shrunk for a super-soft finish.

  • Standard fitted depth of 30cm / 12"
  • Requires Minimal Ironing
  • Ideally Wash Before Use
  • 100% Brushed Cotton
  • Machine Washable at 40 degrees
  • Low Tumble Dry
  • 160 Grams Per Square Metre

Looking for extra comfort? Check out our New & Improved Brushed Cotton Flannelette Bed Linen. At 195 grams per square metre it is our best ever Brushed Cotton Flannelette Bedding.