Posted on by Darren Waring

Stay snug as a bug this Winter

We might be enjoying a very rare 'Indian Summer', but it will have escaped only a few that the nights are getting cooler.  Time to consign that lightweight duvet to the linen cupboard until next Spring and bring out the heavyweight!

Goose Down Duvets

The Last word in absolute warmth and comfort, Goose Down Duvets are sheer bliss to sleep under and well worth the investment. A fact often overlooked is that having a warm duvet means you can turn down the thermostat by a degree or so, thus reducing that most unwelcome Winter energy bill.

Time to talk TOG...

A duvet’s tog rating indicates the amount of warmth it provides; the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet.

Tog is not a scientific term or an abbreviation. The word comes from the common slang for clothes: ‘togs’! When buying a duvet, tog shouldn’t be considered in isolation. You should also consider how warm your bedroom is on average, as this will have an impact on how warm you feel once you get in to bed. The same applies if you share your bed, as a second person will greatly increase the warmth generated.

An adult winter duvet is usually between 10.5 (the most popular option) and 13.5 tog and a summer duvet around 4.5 tog or 6 tog. It is recommended that quilts for babies and young children above 1 year should be no more than 4.5 tog. Read more...