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A Guide to Hollowfibre & Feather Duvets

Whether revamping your bedroom or just following the seasons, a smart new duvet cover offers instant impact.  And whilst you're you're in a titivating mood, it’s also worth remembering what goes inside the duvet cover...

The perfect duvet for winter will be a bit TOO toasty in summer, just as the perfect summer duvet will have you shivering in January.  And then there are the transitional months to think about too!

Like Goldilocks, we want things to be 'just right', so for a perfect night's sleep 365, it pays to be prepared. You can’t have too many duvets!

Buying a duvet

Should you opt for a manmade hollowfibre duvet or a natural feather duvet? It boils down to personal preference, but here’s a quick guide to help you decide which is best for you.

Luxury Synthetic Duvets

Hollowfibre, Polyester & Microfibre

  • Hollowfibre duvets are synthetic duvets, composed of man made fibres such as polyester. There are many reasons why they would make a fantastic addition to your bedroom. To start with, they are relatively inexpensive. Even high quality hollowfibre duvets are affordable, which leaves you with more money to accessorise with those fancy Egyptian Cotton duvet covers you had in mind!
  • Hollowfibre duvets are hypoallergenic and can be washed at home in the washing machine. This is great if you suffer from allergies or asthma. To keep the duvets free from dust mites, simply wash them regularly at a temperature of 40oc or above. The ability to wash them at home also makes them an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms. Did we mention we are the largest stockist of children’s bedding, bunk bed sheets and single bed linen in the UK?
  • A wide range of hollowfibre duvets is available. Many of these duvets, such as those made with microfibres, are incredibly soft and feel luxurious to sleep under.

Luxury Natural Duvets

Goose Feather & Goose Down

  • Feather duvets are made from natural materials, typically duck or goose feathers. They are different to manmade duvets, but still offer plenty of fantastic benefits.
  • Feather & Down duvets are incredibly light, but also satisfyingly firm due to the quills of the feathers. The majority of feather duvets are composed of feathers and down, which improves the warmth and softness of the duvet.
  • Goose feathers tend to be lighter than duck, but offer the same level of warmth, so if you prefer your duvet to be slightly lighter, go goose. Regardless of the type of feather used, all feather duvets are extremely cosy due to the way in which they mould to the body while you sleep.
  • The feathers trap air inside the duvet, keeping heat contained underneath. However, despite their air trapping qualities, they are also highly breathable. They regulate your temperature throughout the night, and allow moisture to escape. Consequently, feather duvets are ideal for use in the summer as well as winter.


There are plenty of options for both manmade and natural duvets, so it’s always possible to find something to suit your personal taste. Once you’ve chosen your duvet, you’ll want to accessorise it, so check out our fabulous range of high quality duvet covers and pillowcases.

Remember, measure your bed before ordering and you’ll drift off like Goldilocks into a wonderful night’s sleep under a 'just right' duvet.