Egyptian Cotton Bedding

We all like a bit of luxury in our lives, but does our love of finer things extend to quality bedding? It should.  Still, if you’re going to spend money on luxurious bed linen, a little bit of preparation will make all the difference.

Firstly, out with the tape measure - not all King Size beds are made equal!  Get the size wrong and the colour and style will prove to be academic (you’ll be miffed at the excess material or, worse still, the curled up corners of your mattress, resembling an old, stale sandwich).

Next, decide on the right fabric for the season – cool in summer, warm and cosy in winter. Obvious, but how many people simply grab the next bed sheet and duvet cover out of the linen cupboard without considering which will ensure the best night’s sleep? It’s worth remembering, the average person spends over a third of their life (26 years – give or take) asleep. A THIRD! Don’t you deserve 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton bed sheets? Of course you do.

What makes Egyptian Cotton Bedding special?

Typically Egyptian Cotton is grown to produce very long staple fibres, making the fabric extremely durable. And because it’s so fine, Egyptian Cotton allows for a greater thread count. An indicator of quality, thread count refers to the number of threads in a square inch of material and includes both lengthwise threads (warp) and widthways threads (weft). Typically, Egyptian Cotton bed linen, with a greater thread count, is thicker, stronger and softer to touch.

So, think on… 

  • You DO deserve quality bed linen
  • Measure up – size matters
  • Go for Egyptian Cotton Sheets, duvets and pillowcases – you’ll be so glad you did
  • Order from The Linen Cupboard, purveyors of some of the finest bedding, highstreet or online, and champions of quality slumber

Posted June 30, 2014