Supersoft Jersey Knit Bedding

JERSEY BEDDING - ALL SIZES BACK IN STOCK Softer and smoother with every wash, Jersey Knit fitted sheets move with the contours of your body and are ideal for memory foam mattresses and adjustable beds.

Posted May 04, 2016

Counting Threads

You might have read in the news recently, that certain Big Name high street retailers claim their Egyptian Cotton sheets have a higher thread count than they actually do. The reports follow a BBC2 programme (What To Buy And Why), in which investigators examined a number of samples sold by the retail giants. Amongst their findings were sheets with a 346TC (labelled as 1200TC). Many of the 1000 Thread Count sheets on offer had a...

Posted January 27, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

To our friends, our customers and our suppliers...

Thank you all for an amazing year. Merry Christmas from everyone at The Linen Cupboard

Posted December 24, 2015

Another satisfied Linen Cupboard customer...

"Hello. Just to say thank you very much for the King size pillowcases delivered today.  I bought a pair 'on spec' a week or so ago and they are lovely. My reason for buying these was that we had bought some special support pillows from a major store which are 'standard' size but have a 5cm 'wall' around the side, so that using standard pillowcases squashes them up, which rather defeats the object...

Posted September 16, 2015

People say the nicest things...

"Good afternoon. I have received my order from you and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. I have been impressed by your professionalism throughout the order process. Not only that, the quality of my goods totally exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be ordering with you again..."

Posted September 02, 2015

For all the deep sleepers out there.

Nothing compares to that feeling of absolute comfort as you drift off into another perfect night's sleep on a luxuriously deep mattress.

Problem is, most standard fitted sheets (12") don't measure up, and can leave your wonderful, deep mattress feeling a bit like a stale sandwich - all bent up at the corners...

Posted July 16, 2015