Bed Valances - Box pleated, Split Corners, Fitted Valance Sheets, Velcro Valances

Our box pleated bed base valance gives a stylish finishing touch to any bed.

A box pleated base bed valance fits under your mattress and down to the floor, we have poly cotton base valances, percale base valances, and all cotton base valances.

A fitted valance sheet fits right over your mattress and down to the floor, making a fitted bed sheet and bed valance all in one. 

We have split cornered box pleated base bed valances, which allows you to fold any side of the valance under the mattress. If for example you have a metal bed with a foot, you can simply turn that end underneath or either side of iron bed legs.

If you are unable to lift your heavy mattress off the bed to remove and wash your bed valance, the ingenious easy fit bed valance is a great alternative. The easy fit bed valance simply Velcro's around the base of the bed and can be put on and off with relative ease. The easy fit valances are also ideal if you have an electric adjustable bed.

bed valances

Polycotton Bed Valances

Our easy care polycotton box pleated base valances are made of a non iron easy care 50% cotton / 50% polyester, have a 16" (41cm) pleat drop and go under the mattress and down to the floor covering the base of the bed.

Percale Bed Valances

Our luxury range of 200 thread count polycotton Percale box pleated base valances have a 16" (41cm) pleat drop and go under the mattress and down to the floor covering the base of the bed.

100% Egyptian Cotton Percale 200 Thread Count

This is a wonderful range of 200 thread count luxury Egyptian Cotton Percale. This bed linen range comes with an easy care finish which helps with ironing and will help you to look after your Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen for years to come. 

We recommend this range to hotels, holiday lets, bed and breakfasts, etc because it has the quality feel and look, but very durable.

Split Corner Valances

Our Split Corner base valances are split on the corners which allows you to turn any side under the mattress or will allow for a bed frame / iron bed legs. They are designed to go underneath the mattress and down to the floor.

Specialist Bed Valances

Instead of lifting your heavy mattress to remove the valance, with this velcro valance one person can change it in seconds.

Also if you have two adjustable / electric beds together, the mechanics of the beds do not allow you to use a traditional valance, under the mattress and down to the floor, so an easy fit valance might be the answer.

Fitted Valance Sheets

The classic fitted sheet and valance (all in one) that goes right over the mattress and down to the floor without having to lift the mattress.

Our pleated valance sheets are 23" total depth and the frilled have a 25" total depth.